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I love weekend. No matter how much I enjoy work, I still need some time for myself and do the things I love to do! I am a home buddy. I love quiet moments in my room, updating my private and public journal. I love lying on my bed while watching a good movie or movies- If have a lot of time- while nibbling my favorite junk food. Such a couch potato you might say. I know, but those are my simple joys. I also like going out with friends or cousins or my family on weekend, but not every weekend. I just don’t like the feeling of being tired when I get back to work on Monday. I always want to feel rested and re-charged before I report to work.

So this weekend, I lined up several movies that I want to watch. Most of them are old movies, some I already watched before others I haven’t.  I have this habit of watching the same film over and over again. I even experienced watching a movie two consecutive times in a row, simply because I like how elated I feel while watching it and after. I started from the beginning a few seconds after I saw parts of the credits. Hehe..When I told this to a friend she said, isn’t that wasting time? I don’t know, I just can’t get over the feeling, and want to feel it again.  Is that weird? Have you experienced that too? Or I am unique in that sense? 

I love movies, but I don’t watch all sorts. Only watch those I can stand. I internalize every movie I watch. I notice, movies affect my moods after. If it has happy ending, I’ll feel cheerful also, for a certain period of time, even if I’m feeling gloomy before I watch it. Same goes, if I watch movies with tragic endings, I feel really sad after and even if I am already doing other stuff, or talking to humorous people the feeling of sadness is still inside me, somewhere. Do you feel that too? Or it’s just me again?

Mostly I watch feel good movies. I am for romantic films, romantic comedy, light or heavy drama, and animated.  My brother is my censor when it comes to actions films. He would recommend only those he knows I can tolerate. He’s aware I can’t stand film with gore or bloody scene. I would just end up, not seeing half of the movie. He also tells me if the gore or bloody scenes are not too much, and I might appreciate the storyline. So far, he’s good. I always take his word for it. Thanks to him, I get to watch really good action films. I don’t watch action films in theaters though. I watch very little of suspense but never scary or horror films- I can’t even stand a single episode of Ghost Whisperer. I don’t like the feeling of being frightened at all. 

Here are some of the movies I lined up this weekend:

Believe it or not. I haven’t watched it yet. I can’t remember what I am doing when this was shown on theaters, and why I missed it. Lol

I was able to download a PPV copy of this movie. I missed it on theater too.

I know! How can I not watch this yet? Just like Pearl Harbor, I don’t know, but the time has come.

Enjoy your weekend guys!


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