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My family reads this blog sometimes, especially my sisters, although most of the time I force them to do so. Lol. I know they will love it if I write something about my sisters’ kids. This may be lame for you but this is super for me. I love my nieces and nephews. I call them all “anak”. These kids are my playmates. Yes, the childish Tita still play with them. They are also my sanity restorer. 

Look closely, they have celebrity look-alike (local celebrities). 
(My eldest sister's daughter)
 Aren't they look like sisters? Ishvel is so pretty. I am now a little bit scared for she is growing up too fast. Soon suitors will be lurking around. Get to know her here.
(My eldest sister's son)
Deign can play the role of young Coco Martin right? My sister saw Coco Martin in person and she can see Deign in him. So cute! Deign is the clown in the family. He never fails to make us all die of laughter by his hilarious comments. He's naughty but nice. You will love his kakulitan. He is very smart too.
(My second sister's son)
Have you noticed the similarities? It's really hard to find a decent picture of Ken because he loves to make funny faces on pictures. I just cut this from one of their family photos. Kuya Ken is computer addict and has love affair with his PSP. He is a great brother to Hailee (next picture). Watching Mutya is like watching them on TV.

 (My second sister's daughter) 
Super cute right? She is my daily playmate. They live next door, so when I come home I always look for my super cute niece and play with her before I go to bed. She loves to imitate models and copy dance steps from commercials and Kpop groups. She is so adorable and I see myself in her. She loves to dress up at the age of three. She chooses her own clothes and she loves shoes. The costume she is wearing is her pambahay. Oh my Hailee how can Tita live without you! I love you so much baby!

I always hurry home because of this. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the video, this was taken using my phone. If you are looking for great camera phone then don't get blackberry.

Before I end this post I would like to congratulate Ishvel for graduating from elementary and Deign for receiving Most Inquisitive Award and Special Intelligence Award (mana sa akin! Lol). Kuya Ken also did a great job this year. He is effortlessly bright and good luck to our Hailee dear, for she will start studying this year. 

There you go guys my everyday celebrities!  
I'm sure this post will put a huge smile on my sisters’ faces. I also love you Ate Jenny and Ate Joy!



  1. lahing mga artista. they all have similiraties.

  2. sweet post. magkakmukha nga, specially hailee and mutya..ang kyut.

  3. aww.. ang kyut naman nila.. ang swerte ng family, puro artistahin ha!

  4. Falling loving our nieces and nephews is effortless Lalo na itong mga batang ito na puro artistahin. Ang cute ni Ishvel. Tanda ko siya dun sa post mo about her. YOu're right kids are growing fast so we have to spend most of our times with them. Buti ka pa nga nakakasama mo sila samantalang ako malayo sa mga little angels namin.

  5. ang cute ng second sister's daughter! ang sarap kurutin. haha

    anyway, HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!

  6. awww ang cute naman ni Hailee pwede ba sya mahiram...hehehe I don't have pamangkins yet coz both my sisters are still single...hahahaha but I do have some cute little cousins :-)

    nice Mayen artistahin tlga ah!

  7. this makes me miss my nephew back from the philippines.. namimiss ko na siya paiyakin.. hehehehe... bad tita noh? hahahah ang cute kase ng mga beybi pag umiiyak eh... pero true..nakita ko na mga similarity nila.. mga artistahin pala sila.. lalo na first niece sa pinakatuktok..Ishvel? look a like true... and congrats sa kanya graduate na siya! :)

  8. Hi Mayen,

    You have beautiful nieces and nephews. You don't have to go to ABS-CBN to see their priced talents, nasa bahal nyo lang pala sila:)

  9. They are so cute! You are such a great aunty!

  10. ahahah.. nice naman... dami mo palang mga relatives na mala artista... eheheh.. maganda.. ako sino kaya kamukha ko.. ?

  11. Mayen!!!!! CEU Alumni ka?? Yes CEU akooooo!!!!!! :) What course mo? reply ka sa chatbox sa blog ko ah..hmwuuah! :) Natuwa ako dun at na-excite!

  12. Diamond R –Thanks sa comment. Yes mga artistahin sila. hehe

    Akoni – uu kamuka nya talaga si mutya. Parahas kasi din sila malapad ang noo. Hehe.. hailee is so adorable.

    kringles- thanks girl. Oo swerte kami sa kanila, di lang dahil artistahin sila kundi they are all sweet and loving.

    Sey – Your right, sayang naman di mo nakakasama ang mga angels nyo, alam mo maganda silang pang-alis ng stress. Well kung hindi ikaw ang mommy nila kasi kids can be stressful to parents too sometimes. Hehe.. pero mas marami pa ring happiness ang hatid nila.

    charles – thanks for dropping by Charles!

    nash :-) – Thanks nash. Di ko pede pahiram si hailee, kc malulungkot ako. Laruan ko yan eh. Hehe.. I saw your new car. Good luck on driving classes.

    Kamila – you are a bad tita! Hehe.. pero your right, masarap din sila paiyakin paminsan minsan. Bakit kaya? Si ishvel lagi talaga nasasabihan na kamuka ni mara.

    Oi na excite din ako na parehas tayong school dati. Nakakamiss ang amoy ang creek sa tabi ng school no. haha..

    Jag – Thanks for dropping by Jag

    AiDiSan – tama, napansin ko nga puro kapamilya stars ang kahawig nila. Ang daddy kasi ni deign and ishvel dun nag-wowork. Kaya maka abs-cbn kami. Hehe.. Oi hanapan mo din ng kamuka si Acey, super cute din sya and smart ah.

    Tatiana – thanks Tatiana.

    musingan – cge aalamin natin kung sino ang kamuka mo.

  13. Deign is cuter than Coco haha! What a quirky name.


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