Sunday Love and Homemade Coffee Jelly

4:43 PM Mayen Acebron 12 Comments

I love weekend especially Sunday because I get to be with my family. I always want Sunday not to end when we’re together. Sunday with my family also means eating non-stop the whole day. My mom’s favorite expression every Sunday: “Hindi matigil ang mga bibig nyo kakanguya”. Now how do I translate that in English? It’s something like, “You guys can’t stop chewing food”.  I think you get the point. This Sunday we had pancit, biko, fruit salad and homemade coffee jelly.

I love Starbucks coffee jelly, mainly because I love jelly per se and I’m addicted to coffee. So last Sunday, my sister, ate joy (second sibling) and I teamed up to make homemade coffee jelly.


She cooked the jelly and I prepared the drinks. Since the kids aren’t allowed to drink coffee yet and we don’t have decaf at home, I used chocolate a.k.a Milo for their drinks. They loved it. My niece even tweeted me to thank me for the drinks. 

Sweet eh?

For the grown-ups, well, we used instant coffee...
If you wanna know how to make homemade coffee jelly head on to my fun and fabulous blog where I write "how tos" click here... J


  1. hehehe. you are so creative mayen. i bet it tastes so delicious. but i would prefer the one with milo. hehehe. i'm not so much of a coffee drinker.

    anyway, i tagged you!! :)

  2. You know what comes to my mind when I hear "Coffee Jelly". hahaha, that memory always makes me happy.

    Ang sweet naman ni Ishvel. Kahit ako pag ginawan mo ng coffee jelly, I will thank you sa twitter, sa Goggle +, sa Facebook at sa blog. hehehe.

    Hindi pa ako pwede sa caffeine ngayon twin sis pero pag pwede na I'll do that at home.

  3. marunong ka pala gumawa niyan? gawan mo ako magkita tau ah..

  4. Awww, that is sweet. Uu nga sis. Mejo naiinggit ako sa kinomment mo sa blog ko. You get to be with your family all the time. :)

    Pero I am happy for you. :) I have to work it out too. I miss my mom everyday. hehehe. And my dogs. And the coffee jelly looked like it was prepared by a professional, ha. I wanna drink that! :)

  5. Ooooh, I love the idea of making coffee jelly. I'll check out the recipe and would give it a go in summer. =)

    Hayz, I miss my family. Lagi na lang sa Skype ang bonding namin. Pero kami rin ganyan kapag nagkakasama - wala ng tigil sa kakakain! So looking forward to the next time na makasama ko ulit sila! =)

  6. Hehe.. Couldn't agree more with Aiza here.

  7. ahahha... homemade... masarap nga yan... ako naman... cocoa.. lagyan ko ng milo at instant coofee.. saka ko eblend sa malamig na malamig na tubig na may crashed ice... ayaahahhaha.....

  8. i love coffee jelly too... and wow gamit mo yung tumblr from kamila. love it!

  9. love love love coffee jelly too!!!

  10. my sundays are usually like this too. Come to think of it, I think most Filipino families are! My Sundays are spent with family at a mall for lunch, then coffee and desserts at home.. then dinner. It is the family reunion that makes everything delicious and worthy. :)

  11. super relate with your mom's line. haha! ganyan din kami, hindi na raw kme umaalis sa kusina pag weekend. :P

    and i love coffee jelly too, both the frap from starbucks and the sundae from wendy's. im craving now. :/


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