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Yeah we are still on Thunderbird updates. I know I am being lousy in chronicling my travels here on my blog. But I’ve been busy and lazy at the same time. I also don’t want to stop updating this blog about my travels. I don’t know about you, but I like reading my previous entries to remind me of what has been going on in my life. So bear with me ‘til I finish sharing everything I have experienced on my travels. I also hope you’ll like it.

Let’s move on to Thunderbird's food shall we? 

Our budget for the staff rest and recreation was not enough for Thunderbird's buffet meals (we are non-profit organization, what can I say). And since they already provided us free rooms, it’s only fair to pay for our food. So instead of buffet, they offered us ala carte servings every meal-time because that pretty much what our budget can afford. But was it worth it? Definitely!

Each mealtime they serve soup, appetizer, main course and dessert; except during breakfast because it’s buffet. 

These were my favorite meals.
Day 1 Dinner
soup, chicken ceasar salad, fish fillet with veggies and lecche flan

 Day 2 Lunch (my favorite batch!)
cream soup, macaroni salad, rosemary chicken and brownies with vanilla ice cream

 Day 3 Lunch
pumpkin soup, breaded veggies, chicken inasal and pineapple pie

During the first night, we were so hungry that we ate everything that they served. But the next day, we were kind of full before we even get to the main course. When we got to dessert we can barely breathe because we were so stuffed already. However, since every single meal they served was delicious, we still try to eat our desserts. As a result, we can barely stand after we feasted on our food. We were grateful by the way; it’s not every day we get to eat meals fit for royalty. Yes, that’s how delicious the foods were -“fit for a king”.  

On the third day, some of us, including myself, skipped the soups and appetizers so we can enjoy main course and dessert. It got me thinking, if they served buffet, there would probably be a lot of left-overs. Even the biggest guy and heavy eater in our group can’t keep up with the food they were serving us. Bottom line, every single meal you eat at Thunderbird Resorts is definitely worth every centavo.

 Thunderbird, Rizal also have three dining areas around the resort.
 at the pool bar

 Breakfast Area

Koi Restaurant

Just before we left Thunderbird, ABS-CBN (a local TV station) was setting up for a taping of their top rating TV show, Walang Hanggan. We didn't get to see the lead star, Coco Martin though. We left before they can even start shooting. Too bad!

But we get to see friendly and handsome "Nathan"  (Paulo Avelino)

Our stay at Thunderbird definitely made up for the supposed Bicol trip. We enjoyed every moment of our stay in this awesome resort. Rooms were always clean, foods were great and most of all the staff were friendly.We, at the Diocese of Novaliches love Thunderbird!

PS. Thunderbird is donating a huge amount amount of money to our organization every month for our feeding program. Kudos to Thunderbird!

PPS. Our bosses will visit Thunderbird, Poro Point, La Union tomorrow. Boooooo! hehe.. Too bad I can't go! They said Poro Point is paradise and it will give you a Santorini feel. How awesome is that? I hate my bosses.. Kidding!

But it's just too great! Look!
The Facade of Thunderbird Resort , Poro Point, La Union

That would be all for now. Enjoy your weekend guys!


  1. Natawa ako sa first picture. Hehehe may kuha akong ganyan ang nail polish mo yun mga lang ang hawak mo ay si Gen Lawton hahaha.

    Ang bait naman ng thunderbird twin sis. No
    wonder kung bakit marami silang customers kasi they are sharing the blessings.

    Kakatakam yung food.

  2. ahh yan yung thunderbird resort na nafeature sa rated k yung sa la union pala yun. =D

    anyway..nagutom ako sa mga pagkain lalo na sa dessert gawd. kagutom.

  3. That is some really nice looking food :) And it's pretty cool of them to accommodate you like that, and even to give your organisation money :)

  4. Omg Mayen! You made me hungry by posting all those pics of awesome food! :P

  5. Sarap namn ng food! Sayang, di man lang kayo naka extra sa shooting! hehehe! Ay inggit naman ako sa mga boss mo at makapasyal na sila ng thunderbird poro point!

  6. Mayen.. thought it was.. PooBar... nasabi ko pa na grabe si Pooh... mayaman na talaga.. may Bar na siya... si Pooh ba yung stand up comedian... eheheh... kamusta na dito...

  7. Yummy! The place sounds great and the foods delish =)
    Sensya na sis ah medyo ang tagal kong di nakavisit. I missed you. But I'm back and would try to catch up =)

  8. Nakakagutom, pangatlo na ito sa mga pagkaing nakita ko.. at talaga naman pagkatapos ko dito.. punta muna ko sa canteen.. kakagutom talaga...

    ang ganda naman ng lugar na iyan.. :)

    magandang araw po sa inyo :)

  9. biruin mo yon nag enjoy na, naka-meet pa ng artista!! ansarap ng food, sobrang nagutom ako hay!

  10. maganda ata dun sa thunderbird la union, diba doon nag shoot yung sa no other woman.

  11. the food does look yummy!
    i'm glad you had fun, too. haha. i've never heard of Thunderbird, though. but i'll be sure to check it out if i ever do.

  12. parang gusto kung lumabas para kumain. More travel post.

  13. kagutom mga pics! hehe! :)
    sis, ung nabuclod upland adventure few months pa lang operation..nung nagpunta kami dun from town proper ng floridablanca kaya di ko sure kung gano katagal byahe kung galing manila..siguro mga 3 hours :)

  14. OMG sis, bakit ngayon ko lang nakita yung post mo na ito?! Na notice ko talaga yung nail art mo sa first picture. Hehehe. As always, ang cute.

    Tapos, ginutom ako sa pictures ng food! I want leche flan. Tapos yung Pumpkin Soup! Masarap yun. Yum talaga. Pag anjan ako mauubos ko siguro lahat ng yan.

    And did you say it has a Santorini feel? I want to go to Santorini, pero mukhang matatagalan pa. So, sa Thunderbird nlg muna. Hehehe. Sana. Soon.

    Ang saya naman ng vacay mo sis.

  15. At ang bait ng Thunderbird ha, nag donate pa for a good cause. :) God bless them more.

  16. Sarap naman! ginutom ako ng mga pictures mo! At may bonus pa-celebrity appearance! kakainggit! hehehe....ヅ

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  17. ang ganda pala talaga dito and the food - nakakagutom :)


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